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In-Kind Grants of New Children's Books to USA Public and Tribal Libraries in Rural Areas

Deadline 10/01/17

In-kind grants worth up to $1,200 to USA public libraries and tribal libraries in rural areas to help acquire new children's books. The Foundation will provide grantees with brand new, high quality, hardcover children's books. Recipients will be able to choose which booGrantWatch ID#: 178554


Grants to USA Nonprofits, Agencies, and Schools in Multiple States to Promote Watershed Qual...

Deadline 11/01/17

Grants starting at $10,000 to Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and schools to enhance water quality within the funding source’s footprint. Priority will be given to programs and projects thatGrantWatch ID#: 181084


Grants to USA Nonprofits for International Exchanges in the Arts and Environmental Sciences

Deadline 02/01/18
LOI Date: 11/01/17

Grants to USA nonprofit organizations to help cover the costs of international travel to Central, East, and Southeast Europe, the Baltic states, Central Asia, Mongolia, and/or Russia for exchanges in the arts and/or the environmental sciences. Applicants must submit an GrantWatch ID#: 180489


Grants to Rowan County, North Carolina Organizations and Artists to Expand Arts and Cultural...

Deadline 11/02/17

Grants to Rowan County, North Carolina arts and cultural development organizations and individual artists to enhance arts and cultural opportunities throughout the county. Individual artists may request support for teaching, residencies, and other projects. Areas of supGrantWatch ID#: 180770


In-Kind Grants to Durham, North Carolina Nonprofits and Artists to Use Space at an Arts Cent...

Deadline 10/14/17

In-kind grants valued at up to $1,200 to Durham, North Carolina nonprofit organizations, groups of artists, and individual artists to defray the cost of renting space at a local arts center. This program will support short-term projects in any artistic discipline. SpaceGrantWatch ID#: 179838


Grants to USA Nonprofits for Natural Resources Conservation and Management

Deadline 10/16/17
LOI Date: 09/08/17

Grants ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 to USA nonprofit organizations for the conservation of natural resources. The Foundation places primary emphasis on the conservation and management of marine ecosystems. LOIs are due September 8. The majority of grants (over 85 perGrantWatch ID#: 180156


Grants to USA Nonprofits in Multiple States for Housing, Community Revitalization, Arts, and...

Deadline 06/02/17

Grants to USA nonprofit organizations in multiple states for quality programs in the areas of affordable housing, arts, the environment, and community revitalization. Funding is intended to improve residents' overall health, educational attainment, and economic mobilityGrantWatch ID#: 181432


Grants to USA Hispanic-Serving IHEs to Strengthen Humanities Programs

Deadline 06/22/17

Grants to USA Hispanic-serving institutions of higher education to enhance humanities curricula, including disciplines such as philosophy, history, religion, the integration of the arts, and literature. Drafts will be accepted for review through May 11. Applicants are aGrantWatch ID#: 144094


Grants to USA and International Initiatives that Promote Awareness for Human Welfare Issues

Deadline Ongoing

Grants to USA and International initiatives that promote outreach and awareness of poverty, health issues, and food insecurity around the world. The Fund seeks to make investments to assist the public and policy-makers in addressing these critical human welfare issues. GrantWatch ID#: 151506


In-Kind Grants to USA School and College Staff to Attend a Conference to Enhance Educational...

Deadline 06/21/17

In-kind grants to USA school and college facility planners, superintendents, and business purchasing officials to participate in a high-quality professional experience that will provide innovative solutions and best practices to make more effective decisions regarding uGrantWatch ID#: 153624

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